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January 4, 2019
Natural Gas

January 2019 contracts rolled off the board last week at $3.642/MMBtu, about $1 lower than its peak on November 29. Feb 2019 has fallen over 50 cents since becoming the prompt month, today hovering around $3/MMBtu.

This morning's smaller than anticipated withdrawal created a short-lived downward turn for the market. Total gas in storage is now only 450 Bcf behind last year.

Mild weather has allowed for sustained low power prices. The 30 day average is now down nearly $8 since before the holidays to $28.47/ MWh.

With January 2019 contracts coming off the board, the 12 and 24 month strips have both fallen. At $34.95, this is the lowest the 12 month strip has been since early November.
12 & 24 Month NYMEX Strip
12 & 24 Month Zone A Power Strip
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New York Independent System Operator updated its Public Policy Transmission Planning Report to recommend a combination of projects that would transport an incremental 2,100 MW of power from the state’s northern region to southern demand centers, which is up from an incremental 1,475
MW project combination recommended in an earlier report.
The power grid operator has been working for the past few years to increase power transfer capability from its northern "upstate" region where the generation mix is characterized by over 60% nuclear, hydro and wind capacity to the southeastern metropolitan area where dual fuel and oil-fired generation capacity makes up over 70% of the fuel mix, according to the ISO.

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NOAA 8-14 Day Outlook
NOAA 30 Day Outlook

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